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my rugs

As I was working on my paintings in the corner of my small studio in Paris, I find myself so close to where I come from, my origin Iran and the Iranian women in different parts of my country, whom are knitting rugs in their small houses for many years. As I was far from my country, I felt new attachments to our traditions and closeness to our vernacular art.

As I am living a very different life comparing to them, a contemporary, modern, independent life in Europe, I am knitting rugs, which are very different from what comes to mind when we are talking about the Persian rugs.

I use the exactly same technique of weaving the Persian rugs, same Horizontal looms

and Vertical looms and same knots. But the element that changes everything in my rugs, is the material. Similar to the great artists of the Fiber art, my works are inspired from handicrafts, and resembling to the works one of the greatest artists of Fiber art, Sheila Hicks, color is one of the integral parts of my work.


As I am a contemporary human, with contemporary problems and concerns in life, each of my rugs, focuses on some of these concerns such as sexism, women and man labor, ecologic problems and consumerism.

I chose plastique because I see it as the most contemporary material in our life, and because I can represent many of my concerns with it. The base of my work is plastique ropes and I knit with different kind of plastique materials, such as ropes, electrical wire, plastique bags and etc.


However, my rugs look chaotic, the base of the rug have been knitted on an ordered and checkered pattern skeleton.  

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